Up Berries

Going Green


When I started to create this business I felt I should honor God's earth and the bounty it bestows on all of us. These are some of my innovations:

• All the grass walkways between the berries are planted with “slow grow” grass. This results in less mowing. Consequently there is less gas being consumed and fewer gas emissions being released into our atmosphere.

• Drip irrigation (my own design!) is used to water (when necessary) the raspberries. This results in less water being used (less electricity to pump the water), and it puts water exactly where it is needed so that it is not wasted.

• Plant row placement. Berry plants are rather finicky. They like a bit of the breeze and lots of sun. Plant rows were placed to take advantage of the prevailing west to east winds. Plant rows were also placed for rain water containment and control.

• Berry (pint) containers (that you fill and take home with you) are made from recycled paper pulp. Unfortunately we cannot accept for re-use the containers that you have used. However, you can bring the pint containers that you have used on your first visit and use them again for yourself on your next visit.

• The baskets that you carry out into the field (they hold the pint containers) are used many times over before being recycled.

• The cardboard flats, that you transfer your pint containers to safely take them home, have been “harvested” from local grocery stores. These are also 100% recyclable.

• No pesticides have been used on the berry plants. My little berry business is too small to afford the process of being certified as organic. 

• It has been reported that the person harvesting berries often experience peace and inner happiness. 

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.   John Muir