Nintendo Music Copyright Takedowns Intensify As Another Prominent YouTuber Gets Hit

Yet another prominent YouTube channel has received an almighty number of copyright claims from Nintendo relating to official game music, becoming the latest in a series of channels facing a similar fate.

The channel in question is GilvaSunner, which since launching back in 2010, has amassed over 862 million views. It reuploads official game soundtracks for viewers to enjoy without a licence to do so, which gives Nintendo every right to issue the copyright claims in question, but some feel that the situation isn’t quite as black and white as that.

Yes, Nintendo has every right to protect its music, and nobody should expect to be able to distribute its content without facing repercussions, but Nintendo doesn’t offer an alternative. At present, fans flock to channels like these because Nintendo – for the most part – doesn’t make game soundtracks available to purchase or stream via legitimate platforms. Without unofficial channels like GilvaSunner, what are fans supposed to do?

There could be a silver lining to all of this, though. As we mentioned, multiple similar channels have been receiving similar claims – BrawlBRSTMS3 X has been shut down entirely after initially facing copyright notices from Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company issued similar notices to Pokémon Reorchestrated a few years back.

Some are hoping that Nintendo is taking down unofficial streams in preparation for an official music service – perhaps full soundtrack streaming via Spotify or full downloads via iTunes. Only time will tell if this truly is the case, of course.