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2017 - Closed until further notice.

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We charge $3.00 per pint/all berry types (exact cash or check only - Honor System - No Cashier on Site) . The sales tax is included in the price. Berries, an affordable luxury!

What we strive to give you.

Gathering and harvesting is an experience that seems to be part of our human nature. We at You Pick Berries strive to give you that simple pleasure. Our process is quiet and thoughtful. There are no animal petting zoos, country bands or food stands. This is about you, picking berries at the peak of their natural goodness.

Our picking environment has spacious grass walkways for ease of use for our guests.

Take your berries home and enjoy them as nature intended!


 2017 - Closed until further notice.
I had really hoped that I could have told you definitively if the berry farm would be open this year. However the property has not yet sold. At this point in my life, I know it's time to give up farming, and it is still unknown if the new owner will want to continue with the berry business. I'm praying everyday that the right buyer will find their way soon to their new home. It might even be right for an organization or church to take on. The opportunities are endless.
I am a person of faith, who believes in the power of prayer. If you have similar belief, and feel so moved, please join me in prayer that the right buyer will come along soon. God cares about all our needs and concerns.
I am attaching the link to my realtor. Please note: the listing price has dropped to $329,900.
May God bless you all.